Workshop - The Writers' Circle

 Dear writer, you are not alone. Being a writer isn’t easy  especially when life happens to slow down the creative  process. By life I mean: writer’s block, insecurity, writing  deadlines, lack of inspiration, and muddled creativity  that can all mess with a writer’s head. 

 Through Reckless Arts Collective I will be facilitating  a monthly meetup of writers “The Writers’ Circle”. A  great space for writers flowing from different disciplines,  coming together to build community and write. Whether  you want to work on new material, complete previously  written works, get feedback, explore new ideas, or meet  other writers in Brampton, this informal workshop is  where you need to be.

 Come meet with me and other writers at Xaymaca  Jamaican Restaurant, 30 Kennedy Rd. S the 1st   Thursdays of every month at 7pm, admission is free and  the vibe is love.

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